When you hunt with us, your daily rate includes your accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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Combined, our lodges have eleven private bedrooms and eight bathrooms accommodating upwards of 30 hunters. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are cooked each day and served in the spacious dining room which can double as a corporate meeting room, complete with white board and wifi.


The great room boasts a complimentary open-bar serving liquor and beer. It serves as the social center for billiards, cards, videos, television, stories, or just plain lies.


Access to our private shooting club is available to our guests. If you’re visiting from the city, bring your favorite rifles or pistols to get some range time in while you’re here. There’s also a full trap course to help you get warmed up. The spacious lodge also has plenty of parking to accommodate your hunting rigs and dog trailers.


  • 5 PM check in time on day of arrival.
  • 2 PM check out time on day of departure.

If an extension is necessary, please check with management.



The quality of your stay is ensured by our fine housekeeping staff. We want our guest to feel as if they are in there own home. Extra blankets and towels are available.



One blaze-orange, Outdoor Obsessions hat is provided for each hunter purchasing a hunting package. Also, enjoy our open bar each night of hunters stay.



We have a non-smoking facility but we do offer three outside areas where smoking is permitted. Please do not disrespect our lodge by smoking in any interior room.


Your hunt package includes three generous meals per day. The bar offers a variety of soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks throughout the day if you shoot well enough to return early!

  • Breakfast is served each morning before your hunt
  • Lunch is served at the lodge
  • Dinner is served each evening after your hunt



You are welcome to bring your dogs to hunt with you. Please ask management for further details; at a minimum we do ask the following:

  • If staying within your room at night, the dog must be in an enclosed kennel
  • Dog must be used to household atmosphere, no barking or whining
  • Dog must have all needed vaccinations and must never show aggression


 A deposit should be made 60 days prior to hunt. We require a non-refundable $150 deposit per hunter at the time of reservation. Once deposit is made, hunting dates will be confirmed.


 We accept cash, personal/corporate checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Balance of hunt payment is due upon arrival.


1-5 Beds per Room   |   Pillows   |   Sheets   |   Blankets   |   Travel Toiletries   |   Towels   |   Nightstands and Lamps   |   Alarm Clock   |   Large Closet

Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas
Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas
Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas


Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas
  • 1-5 Beds per Room
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Travel Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Nightstands and Lamps
  • Alarm Clock
  • Large Closet
Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas
Outdoor Obsessions—Hunting and Fishing in Downs, Kansas